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Dr. Michael Benjamin

Michael Benjamin is a qualified psychiatrist who has been in practice for 35 years.

He is based in Israel and is an expert in Trauma, Psychotherapy and the integration of IT in medicine and its management.

Michael has acted as Consultant Psychiatrist to the Rehabilitation Unit of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Michael has also lectured in Psychotherapy and Criminology in two major Israeli Universities.

He is currently the Director of the Ashdod Mental Health Clinic and the District Psychiatrist for the Israeli General Sick Fund and is responsible for supervising and planning the services for half a million members.

Michael's hobbies are writing poetry and supporting Leeds United.

Mark Skeet

Mark and his company xplosivedesign have created the technical solution that is myRay.

Mark was born in Grimsby in the UK and now lives and works as a web developer in Leeds.

Mark's interests are photography, cinema, motor sport and all things web-based.

Other team members

Include an expert in educational publishing and an expert in editing.

© Dr Michael Benjamin 2004-2007. All rights reserved.

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