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Revolutionary and professionally accepted

Telemedicine is an accepted and increasingly widely practiced branch of medicine.

It is now accepted practice in Mental Health that many of the aspects of psychotherapy, in particular Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be presented in a format that can be used on a computer. Tests have shown them to be as effective as conventional forms of psychotherapy. "Computerizing" the therapy does not change its effectiveness.

myRay is the pioneer in presenting a program specifically designed for use on the Internet. We have used state-of-the-art techniques for presenting and storing information. We have melded the modern psychotherapeutic techniques with the latest IT technologies.

We have made innovations in the way we use tool tips to define key words and in the way the results are presented with an ability to "drill down" to different levels. The e-Group is also completely new in its conception.

Multi-faceted, interlinking, personalized program

The program consists of the following sections, which have all been rigorously tested and examined by professionals in the field:

  • Daily Habits and Timekeeping
  • We deal with ways of indirectly reducing stress by highlighting healthy habits with reference to eating and exercise. We place great emphasis on the efficient management of time. A few very simple techniques will relieve a lot of the tension in your life.
  • Relaxation techniques
  • We introduce you to three techniques which will enable you to gain all the benefits of relaxation. The techniques are tailored to our program and to your needs. They give almost immediate results.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • The way that you perceive what you are doing and how you think about it is of great importance. In this section we will instruct you how to identify and rectify the cause of disturbances in your thinking processes. You will rapidly gain the ability to change the way you perceive a situation.
  • Personality traits
  • Often the ways we behave and think are governed by certain personality traits. In some cases these traits can increase the likelihood of our becoming angry, pessimistic or easily disappointed. We will help you discover and rectify these traits in your personality. As a result, you will find that you are coping more easily.
  • Experiential aspects
  • The quality of experience can often determine the amount of stress felt. We will focus on two key aspects. These are: the amount of control that you feel you have over an event compared to that which you actually have and the level of desire that you think you have to be in a situation compared to your real desire to be in that situation. They are often misleading and cause stress. Although your stress might not be alleviated immediately, you will be given the opportunity to see yourself and what you are doing in a different light.
  • e-Group
  • We have designed a format and protocol for this form of group therapy. It has been tested on the Internet and found to be of great benefit. You can share either personal or technical problems. We strongly recommend that all our subscribers join an e-Group.

Individualized and customized

The program is customized. You can decide if you wish to read about the subjects in depth. Every section is accompanied by an easy-to-understand explanation of the concepts behind the technique. A video tutorial is also available to guide you in mastering the techniques that the program requires. You will be presented with an individualized course of treatment based entirely on the results of the assessment that you undergo every week.

Ongoing assessment

Assessment is given once a week, although you can initiate a re-assessment if you so wish. However, we recommend only one assessment every seven days. It is perfectly natural for there to be fluctuations in your results and performing an assessment once weekly tends to iron out these anomalies and allows you to get a clearer picture of the real progress you are making.

The assessment allows us to provide you with the course of therapies most likely to help you. Ongoing assessment allows you to chart and monitor your improvement which we store for you. You can readily see where and how you are improving.

Your profile

This comprehensive summary of your sessions with a breakdown of all the previous results in each section is one of the program's most powerful features. You can see very quickly what is really going on and what still needs to be worked on.

Joining myRay

Enrolment is easy, simply take our 28 question assessment test. If your results indicate that you could benefit then you will be offered the chance to subscribe.

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