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The pages below introduce myRay, explain the philosophy behind our ground-breaking treatment program and answer the questions you may have. Please use the links below or to the left to visit the various links.

What is myRay and how does it work?

myRay is a modern development of a proven form of psychological treatment called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT has been widely used by psychologists and psychiatrists for many years and has been shown to be particularly helpful in the treatment of anxiety, depression, panic, stress and anger.

Traditionally, CBT has been given on a "one to one" basis between the therapist and the patient but, with the advent of the widespread use of computers, it has been possible for the patient to use a computer program to learn and practice the required techniques.

myRay uniquely takes this one step further and uses an Internet-based suite of modules that teach relaxation techniques, time management and stress reduction.

It invests heavily in teaching the patient the principles and techniques of CBT in an interactive environment. myRay has extended CBT; the program not only deals with the ways in which we appreciate an event, but also the ways in which we tend to behave and experience it too. Its main advantage is that the program monitors your responses and gives you feedback on your progress and responses.As long as you have Internet access you can use the program in any location at any time, to suit your needs and schedule.

The program contains: a glossary of terms, explanation of concepts, video tutorials, feedback scores and charts, breathing and relaxation exercises, instruction in time management and the opportunity to join a confidential e-Group where you can share your experiences and advice with other users. The e-Group, in particular, is a very exciting concept in up to date, Internet-based group therapy.

The key concept of the program is based on your working with real personal experiences to understand how you have traditionally reacted to them, how to modify your reactions, using the techniques learned in the program, so that you will become less troubled, anxious, stressed and depressed about challenging experiences in the future.

myRay has been devised by a Consultant Psychiatrist with over thirty years experience in clinical practice and a team of information technology experts. It has been thoroughly tested. The basic concept has been evaluated and published in internationally renowned professional journals where it has been shown to be very effective.

Enrolment is easy; simply take our 28 question assessment test. If your results indicate that you could benefit, then you will be offered the chance to subscribe.

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