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  myRay: e-Psychotherapy Face to face: Conventional e-Counseling: online written consultation
Professions Psychiatrist with 35 years experience. Psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker Psychologist, social worker, counselor
Safety Weekly testing Professional level Not always clear
Security, discretion Highest on the web Not always clear Not always clear
Professional standing 35 years experience lecturer, consultant Not always clear Not always clear
Intimacy/openness e-Groups High Through email
  • Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Relaxation techniques
  • e-Groups
As defined by therapist As defined by therapist
Validty of techniques All accepted, tested, valid and usable Not always clear Not always clear
Medication Adherence to medication. Helps you get the best from your medication Often with medication Medication free. Can reduce medication
Value added techniques
  • Immediacy
  • Interactivity
  • Measurable changes
  • Itemization and analysis of ALL your responses as an integral part of learning and therapy
  • Rapport
  • Improvisation
Use of email techniques
Availability Immediate and always Per therapist's schedule Per therapist's schedule
Situation Any PC with Internet connectivity Therapist's office Any PC with Internet connectivity and an email account
Unit price (UP) US$0 US$80+ US$30+
Cost per month US$0 UP x number of visits UP x number of visits

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