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Posted by Popkdowlor - Thursday, 12 Jul 2007

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Very good site - rascal flatts

Posted by a k sinha - Friday, 13 Jul 2007

yours is awonderful site .the questions are very pointed& fine &brings out all the innerself of the individual.

Posted by anil - Saturday, 14 Jul 2007

Hi; the content seems interesting. I tried to take part in , but some thing is wrong with the website I guess, so I couldn't register. I inform you to resolve the problem. thanks

myRay's comments added - Saturday, 14 Jul 2007

Thanks , Anil I think that we have that fixed now. Continue to enjoy the site.

Posted by Barbara Shepherd - Thursday, 02 Aug 2007

hi there, I certainly enjoyed my first couple of visits. Very helpful tools. Remain slightly puzzled about who is behind the site as intro appears a bit elusive/evasive. Is Dr. Michael Benjamin, Florida, the expert behind the site? are the other two people living in Israel? Is Ray the first name of one of them? a woman's or man's name? thanks in any case.

myRay's comments added - Thursday, 02 Aug 2007

I am glad that you like the site. Dr Michael Benjamin [from Israel] is entirely 'behind' the site. myRay is from my Ray Of Hope.

Posted by entommyig - Thursday, 02 Aug 2007

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Very nice point of view!

Posted by nflokomotivezx - Tuesday, 14 Aug 2007

hello! nice site, I like it!

Posted by Rich - Thursday, 16 Aug 2007

I am just starting the CCBT program and have a question. I noticed today's session is identical to the previous one. Is this correct and will all sessions be the same?

myRay's comments added - Friday, 17 Aug 2007

Rich, The format is the same. The content will change as: 1. You add different Critical Incidents 2. You add more reactions and conclusions. This will help you identify trends. Identifying trends is one of myRay's unique features. In many ways probably its most significant point. Regards Dr. Michael Benjamin

Posted by Edith - Sunday, 26 Aug 2007

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Thank you very much for your evaluation and reccomendation. you were very close to my character and my recent feeling and situation. tks. a lot..

Posted by Nichole - Sunday, 26 Aug 2007

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Hi, Is anyone using the eGroup function? I like that I stumbled upon this site and it has been very helpful, but it does not seem the "community" is there at this point. I encourage other users to use the eGroup with me! It might be very good.

myRay's comments added - Sunday, 26 Aug 2007

We are just starting out. I appreciate the point about 'Community' and we are working on it. Dr. Michael Benjamin

Posted by robert,robert - Sunday, 23 Sep 2007

hi. nice blog . thanks.

Posted by naomi - Monday, 24 Sep 2007

A very nice website !! Very well Done !!! notem6715